Touchgate start


Software integration possible with all standard gate access control and physical gate/barrier systems. Regardless of existing investments, it will not be necessary to reinvest into new hardware for complete system integration as the product is fully plug-n-play prepared.

Advanced Systems

Access control system integrated providing a specialized, automated process for entering Industrial sites Usable for authorized Economic Operators certified companies (AEO) according to Regulation EC 648/2005.


Chauffeurs enter required information in their own language. Health and safety rules are integrated in the registration process with documented acceptance by chauffeurs. Complete and central logging of all registration details.


Touchgate® delivers a cost effective solution and 24/7 service while improving documentation by replacing a traditional manned guarding solution with a high-end online solution which can be accessed worldwide. 

Management Software

Push messaging from the Control Center in the proper languages, thus avoiding the inevitable language barrier. Fully customizable graphical look prepared for the individual client.